Home Maintenance


Timely Home Maintenance is key to making your house last

Is the exterior of your home showing signs of cracking or damage?

Maintaining your home on a regular basis is essential if you want it to last and remain weathertight. The exterior of your home is the first line of defence against the elements, and you need to make sure it’s kept in good condition.

We can help with all aspects of exterior home maintenance including:

  • Plaster maintenance and repairs including cracks, impact damage and other defects.
  • House washing and repainting
  • Detailed inspections that cover all aspects of your exterior cladding system  including the paint or coating system, waterproofing details, sealants, flashings and cladding junctions.
  • Any maintenance or corrective detailing work that may be necessary based on our inspection report.

Whether you just want a general health check of your exterior cladding, or you have a specific exterior maintenance job that needs doing, we can help. – call Damian today for a no-obligation assessment of your requirements.

We had no cause to regret this decision as the quality of his work & attention to detail, along with his ability to be creative meant we were totally satisfied the house will look good for decades to come. Damian & his team also plastered the interior of our house using a natural clay products & we are very happy with the result.